Foundations is the second step in your CrossFit journey. Click here to start today!

Before attending regular group CrossFit classes, all new members complete our Foundations course. Foundations consists of three private sessions with one of our certified Coaches. Over the course of these sessions, you will become familiar with CrossFit, the gym and our trainers. Our goal is to set you up for success so that you will be safe, confident, and ready to participate in our group classes.

Foundations course includes:

  • Three 60 minute training sessions led by a qualified and professional coach.
  • Fitness, mobility and nutrition assessment.
  • Resources to help you get started and succeed in our group classes.
  • Personalized plan and support throughout your entire journey.


If you have already taken your intro class and are ready to sign up for Foundations, use the link below to register. Once you have registered, our Foundations Coach and Coordinator (Bethanee) will give you a call or email to schedule your first session.

Click here to start today!

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