Health, fitness and exercise programs that really work for everyone in your family!

Most exercise programs you see or hear about promise things like weight loss, muscle tone, etc.  They talk about putting in minimal effort like “ten minutes a day” and promise you maximum benefits like the famous “six pack” abs.  Well, we don’t make those types of promises here at CrossFit Outcome.

We will promise you is the following:

  • If you put in a good effort every time you step in the gym you WILL see results
  • If you throw away the bad foods in your fridge and eat clean, you WILL lose weight
  • If you do something different, it’s the only way you WILL get different results

Before you begin an exercise program, you have think about what results you want to achieve.  From there you can gear your program toward attaining those desired results. We believe CrossFit will do exactly that because it can be designed to achieve whatever results you are looking for.

Programs at CrossFit Outcome will meet and exceed the needs of anyone regardless of age, weight, shape, fitness level or ability. We train stay at home parents, high school athletes and grandparents alike.  Every exercise we do here is modified to meet the needs and abilities of the individual doing it.

One of the reasons we are the best gym of Bainbridge Island is because we strive to provide our community with the means and methods to achieve solid overall fitness. Thank you for taking the time to see how starting CrossFit is the right choice for you and your fitness.

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