crossfit-outcome-coach-tanyaCoach Tanya Tesar Longoria
Level 1 & 2 CrossFit Certified

I grew up in Montana participating in many sports, and chose to compete in track and field as a heptathlete and triple jumper in college. After moving to Bainbridge Island in 2012 I was looking for a workout routine to replace the boot-camp/kinesis/spinning/kickboxing classes I had been doing. I found CrossFit, which was almost like finding one place to do all those other things I used to do. I dabbled in it for about a year, saying things to myself like “I’m never going to come on a day when xxxx is programmed”, and picking and choosing what workouts I did. Finally, I decided to dive in and try it all.

Even though there are still many things that I have not mastered, the feeling I get when I see progress or improvement is empowering! I have qualified for the CrossFit Masters Regionals in both 2014 and 2015. My goal is to keep improving each year. I struggle with rusty knees, loathe rope climbs and swear at muscle ups. I’m not the most graceful person… but I would love to conquer these weaknesses.

Favorite CrossFit Exercise: Double Unders and Wall Balls
Least Favorite CrossFit Exercise: Muscle-Up
Favorite CrossFit WOD: Karen
Favorite Workout Music: White Zombie, Beastie Boys, ACDC, Macklemore and I have even been known to lower my standards and enjoy some teen bop-pop.
Favorite Food: Salted caramel anything.