crossfit-outcome-staff-genevaGeneva Arthur
Support Staff
Official Den Mother of ALL CrossFit Outcome People

Events, gym parties, social media, coaches meetings, summer camps or just a smile at the door…you name it and I’m there to help! Pacific Northwest born and raised, WWU educated, happily married to my Billy and a stay-at-home SuperMom to Finn, Callahan, Lakelan and loyal dog Scout.

I have been a CrossFit addict since April 2012. My favorite things to do outside the gym are hikes with the kids, walks with best girlfriend Timary and as many coffee dates with my hubby as the weekend allows.

Favorite CrossFit Exercise/Movement: Turkish Get-Ups
Least Favorite CrossFit Exercise: Wall Balls
Favorite CrossFit WOD: Grace
Favorite Workout Music: Country
Favorite Junk Food: Ice Cream